It’s difficult to write about which kitchen gadget is the best to use, as it all depends on individual taste. However, some gadgets are worthy of a mention, especially as they can save you time and money.

For example, a good dehydrator to dry all of your left over food may be a costly piece of equipment in the beginning, but this gadget will repay itself time and time again.

In addition to saving you time and money, good kitchen gadgets can also have health benefits. For example, a good quality steamer will keep all the healthy vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Here’s a list of my favourite gadgets. Click on each header for more information (affiliate links).

Instant Pot

This is probably one of the most time saving devices you’ll ever buy. It replaces the old ‘hissy’ pressure cooker (the only hiss you get is when you release the pressure at the end). It’s simple to use and cooks food to perfection. A word of warning though, especially if you’re a chilli addict like me. Don’t over season your recipes as this brilliant machine holds on to every morsel of flavour. Has a number of settings, you can slow cook, steam, saute, and even make yoghurt.

Liquidiser/Smoothie Maker

There are a number of great smoothie makers out there. I prefer the Vitamix due to its powerful motor and versatility. Apart from the traditional smoothie, you can crush ice, grind coffee beans, and make soups at the flick of a switch. Traditionally, Vitamix have been around for years and their machines are ultra reliable. Check out some of the reviews online

Air Fryer

This is a recent addition to my collection. Having read all the reviews, the Philips Actifry seems to be the perfect choice. Not only does it cook low fat potatoes, but it makes great roasted root vegetables such as sweet potato and carrot. It also cooks great crispy veggie burgers. You can also obtain accessories such as a baking tin to enable you to bake a range of foods


One of my favourite gadgets. Create dried vegetables for soups and stews.Produce dried fruits for breakfast. If you’re a gardener, you can dry herbs and vegetables ready for the winter. An absolute must for anyone who hates throwing away food. Make your own healthy dried food snacks and just add water.

Food Processor

A food processor is great for speeding up repetitive tasks , especially if you’re making or preparing food in batches. I mainly use the grating blade to shred vegetables for stews and casseroles.
Food Processors are used to chop, blend, slice, and dice, allowing for speedy meal preparation

Kenwood Chef

The Kenwood is great for dough making, whisking and mixing, and is a great addition to any kitchen. I’ve always loved the amount of accessories available to the Kenwood, from a liquidiser attachment to a pasta machine maker. Perfect for kneading bread and making large batches of food


Steamers come in all shapes and sizes, from clay to metal, manual to electric, one tier to several tiers. Steaming has long been the best way to cook vegetables, keeping most of the nutrients from boiling away. Brilliant for risotto and also great for making desserts and yoghurt


The only gadget on this list that doesn’t have a plug! I use this about once a week when I want to cut down on the carbs. Replace your spaghetti with courghetti by using one of the several blades included. Jazz up your salads by making carrot and cucumber spirals. Most machines come with an angel hair blade to make thin noodles for soups.

Food Vacuum Sealer

A food sealer is a great tool to have in your kitchen. Firstly it vacuum packs your food ready for the freezer/fridge (and saves you space). Secondly, it increases the longevity of your food. Thirdly, it frees up space when storing dried food in your cupboard

It can be used to make Sous Vide recipes (see Sous Vide below)

Sous Vide Machine

French for “under vacuum” Sous Vide is a cooking technique where food is cooked in vacuumed plastic in a temperature controlled water bath. It circulates the water at a certain temperature over a number of hours to produce perfectly cooked and textured food. Many professional restaurants use the Sous Vide method. Makes great curries and vegetable side dishes